Jacksons Bakehouse

Craving some freshly baked favorites without making a mess in your kitchen?! Visit your neighborhood Jacksons and try our new Bakehouse items! We have it all cookies, brownies and a morning favorite muffin for your commute to work.



Fresh Baked Muffins

Made from scratch with quality ingredients to bring a party to your tastebuds.



A soft muffin with pops of blueberry


Double Chocolate

A chocolatey muffin jammed packed with chocolate chips


Lemon Poppyseed

A lemon poppy seed muffin with a zesty lemony flavor



Fresh Baked Cookies

Baked daily in our kitchen to ensure every bite is just as good as those you make at home.


Chocolate Chunk

It’s an OG you can’t go wrong with!



A classic made even better.


Oatmeal Cranberry

A spiced, oaty cookie with sweet cranberries.



Fresh Baked Brownies

They're fudgy, they're chewy and you didn’t even have to make a mess!



Nothing beats the classic taste of a freshly baked brownie.


Walnut Brownie

A thick delicious brownie topped with a sprinkle of walnuts.


Candy Brownie

A delicious treat with your favorite chocolatey candy pieces